Millions Of Mail Ballots May Delay Calif. Election Results

SACRAMENTO (AP) — Millions of Californians have not yet returned their vote-by-mail ballots, and county election officials say the flood of returns expected on Tuesday could delay results in tight races.

As of Monday morning, many counties had received only about half of the absentee ballots they had mailed out.

More than 7.6 million absentee ballots were requested statewide for the general election. In some counties, vote-by-mail is expected to exceed in-person voting.

That means a huge number of last-minute returns will not be counted on election night, and the most competitive races may remain too close to call.

Experts say turnout this year will likely hover around 60 percent similar to past midterm elections, but significantly lower than 2008.

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  • Hector Narlgas

    Pinche gringos are too lazy to vote in person. Viejo cerrotes!

    • Cathy

      ouch.. for the record, this gringa plans on walking in to our polling place on her own pies and vote……AND I clean my own toilets too…imagine that!!

  • don

    Yep THIS pinche gringo has already voted – No Mas Welfare babeee!

  • willblogforlols

    Aw shucks. Gore lost again.

  • don

    Say, does anyone know where I can score some meth?

    • don1

      anywhere near the border

      • who?

        yeah! Hector is

  • Observer

    I thought there was a deadline to mail in? No? How can ballots be late if there was a deadline? is this another one of those tricks in order to steal some votes again? Where is Karl Rove in all of this?

    • joe

      guess you thought wrong ! you must be new to this country ! you can carry your ballot into your polling place !

  • Hector Narlgas

    Lots of meth in the Antelope Valley. All them whiteboys in AV are into it.

  • don1

    I voted against them too

  • rick

    there is a dead line and yes i see it as an attempt to FUDGE with the vote

  • 1776blues

    As long as absentee ballot are received by the close of the polls on election day, they are considered on time. Note: The instructions are in English!

  • rick

    to both 1776blues and joe you half wits proved our point THERE CAN NOT BE A LATE MAIL IN BALLOT there is a dead line to mail it or carry it in either way it has to be in the boxs by the end of the election day THUS counted along with all the other ballots sayin there is millions of LATE ballots is bull its a stall tactic to fudge the numbers

  • 1776blues

    Rick – The article does not say the ballots will be late! You better read the article again!!

    Who is the real half wit here? You are!

    • rick

      1776blues the first sentance in the story says that millions of ballots had not yet been turned in THUS they are saying they are late WHICH is a stupid comment because if every one of the people who filed a mail in ballot had simply stood in line at their poll place and voted like everyone else THE SAME amount of votes would need to be counted so mail it in walk it in or stand in the poll and cast it in person did not matter the counters had to count them the same way so there is not logic to the term DELAY

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