By Suzanne Marques

SIERRA MADRE (CBS) — A Sierra Madre neighborhood has become a Halloween Theme Park that’s perfect for the entire family.

» PHOTOS: The Pumpkin House

Doug Parker’s home on Alegria Avenue attracts thousands of visitors every year, (between Baldwin and Mountain Trail).

“On this street, there’s no middle ground. You’re either all in or you go away,” Parker said.

Parker started carving pumpkins a decade ago inspired by his neighbor, Bud, who does intricate carvings.

“I realized years ago I can’t compete with him, so I got to do something different. So I said ‘well let’s do things with pumpkins that people don’t typically do,’ so hence, we get big giant spiders, fireplaces and lamps, fountains.”

The massive undertaking, which requires huge home-grown pumpkins, takes Parker and his family a week with hardly any sleep to create the glowing masterpieces.

“Actually this is my opportunity to act like a kid and nobody bugs me. I’m supposed to act like an adult at my age so one week of the year, I get to act like a child and everybody appreciates it, doesn’t yell at me,” Parker said.

In fact, he recruited his brother-in-law to help with the detail work who happily flies across the country every year to do this.

“I live in North Carolina so when I work in retail back there, I get two weeks and I have one week for my wife and myself and one week I come out here and do this,” Chris Roberts said.

“I love it. I love it. I look forward to it every year. It’s gone too fast,” Roberts added.

The public is invited to gaze upon pumpkins transformed into the stuff of dreams, with complimentary hot piping hot cider to keep you warm! The street will be blocked off between Baldwin and Mountain Trail Halloween night.

If you want to beat the crowds, stop by Monday night after Halloween!


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