GLENDALE (AP) — Republican gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman was met by a rowdy crowd — some yelling “go home” — when she stopped to visit a popular Cuban pastry shop in Southern California.

A noisy crowd of at least 100 surrounded Whitman on Friday while she attempted to greet customers at Porto’s Bakery during the final days of the campaign. While some in the crowd applauded the former chief executive of eBay, others yelled at her.

Her detractors chanted “save our schools” and “I want my pensions,” a reference to Whitman’s proposals to cut state spending and replace government pensions with 401(k)-style accounts. Whitman supporters responded by calling her critics “communists.”

Whitman’s voice was often drowned out as she tried to talk with customers, and she made no attempt to address the crowd.

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Comments (14)
  1. LEO KELLY says:


  2. LEO KELLY says:

    Be positive. Negative ads are going to cost you the election.
    What benefit will we gain if you are elected.

  3. Fred says:

    This woman obviously thought her millions could buy this election.

    California voters are proving their not for sale.

  4. Gee says:

    Whitman supporters responded by calling her critics “communists.”

    Classic response by her idiot zombie followers. I would never support anybody who has never voted in the past 20 years and cannot tell the diffrence between facts and truth.

  5. dan haslsm says:

    What do you expect, Meg? You try to buy this election with $140 million of your own money to pay for a $200K/yr job…this is the first show of civic interest you have, failing to vote for decades; you call your opponent “dishonest” after agreeing with a TV interviewer to tone down negativity…and you wonder why people are drowning you out? Better to tune you out and and turn you out with a huge showing at the polls on Tuesday to send opportunist politicians like you a real message that while bullying and whining may be acceptable in a boardroom won’t cut it with the voters.

  6. no one says:

    yes i see she is well loved in Calif.. Boston is the place you ought to be. pack up the truck and move rapidly. back to Boston that is.

  7. Star Carlton says:

    Mmmmmm – bakery

  8. Mike says:

    Pack it in Meg. You’re done. Maybe the city of Bell can use your services.

  9. Big D says:

    Quite the testament to how there is no place for this corrupt insensitive witch in California. We need to deport her to where she sent all those good American jobs. SMOKERS UNITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TUESDAY WILL BE OUR DAY TO LEGALIZE WHAT SO MANY HAVE BEEN ARRESTED, IMPRISIONED AND FINED FOR. BLAZE ONE TO THE POLLS AND TELL THE WORLD WHERE CA STANDS ON THIS ISSUE!!!!

  10. Fishychick says:

    Ah, she is just buying herself a way back out of obscurity…so what is it now Meg?…are you just waiting for Fuxnews to give you a show too….really, honey, just go home…and do some gardening or something, because you obviously can’t find any illegals to do it for you anymore….

  11. Boricua says:

    Go Meg! Save us from Jerry Brown — PLEASE!

  12. Rachel says:

    Don’t mock communist MEG
    At least they Vote
    It’s a pathetic choice not to
    and to use the excuse you were raising a family?
    You did poor job

  13. Aucirob says:

    They only thing she will save is money for the corporations when she ships jobs overseas.

  14. jamesmih says:

    There more people on the ballot for Governor than these two. I am going to vote for one of the candidates the media has ignored and send a message to the rich person who thinks she can “high bid” her way to office and the one who thinks he should come back.

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