SACRAMENTO (AP) — A new poll shows Democratic Sen. Barbara Boxer leading Republican challenger Carly Fiorina as Election Day draws near.

Poll Was Completed Before Fiorina’s Hospitalization

The Field Poll released Friday found 49 percent of likely voters supporting Boxer, compared to 41 percent for Fiorina. One in 10 voters remains undecided. Independents favor Boxer 49 percent to 32 percent.

The same poll taken last month found Boxer with an advantage of 6 percentage points among likely voters.

Fiorina Back On Campaign Trail After Hospitalization: KNX 1070’s Mike Landa reports

Fiorina returned to the campaign trail Thursday after being hospitalized for an infection related to reconstructive surgery after battling breast cancer.

The poll surveyed 1,092 likely voters by telephone from Oct. 14-26. It has a sampling error margin of plus or minus 3.2 percentage points.

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Comments (12)
  1. rjsmitty says:

    Boxer has been like a cancer to California and is a large part of why California is the way it is today.

  2. FLF says:

    If call me madam boxer is re elected along with moonbeam flush it down brown- nothing will change except the citizen misery index will go off scale VERY fast! NOTHING will change now or in the future except TAXES which we KNOW will go thru the roof and U-Hual trailers will be STREAMING over Donner summit for Nevada- I know mine will be too! This state is fast becoming the melting pot of all disasters caused by DUMB liberal voters- insanity by doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results!

    1. jamesmih says:

      Can I help you pack? I will do so for free, actually if you could go all the way to canada that would be better.

  3. BPS says:

    So long FLF. From a DUMB liberal voter!

    P.S. Need help packing your U-Haul?

    1. NancyPelosiHatesAmerica says:

      BPS: We own 17 properties here in the People’s Republic of CA. 12 of them are upside down. We are still collecting rent but letting them foreclose, at least until the tenants figure out what is going on. We also are laying off 6 of 12 employees (let them be CA’s and you liberal voters problem) this afternoon, and the other 6 Nov 12. Unemployment lasts 99 weeks, they’ll be fine. We have sold 4 of our other 5 properties at a profit. We will start moving our business to NV after the 12th and the mess we leave behind is your problem. 12 more people unnemployed, a dozen more foreclosures and 2 more educated, high-income people leaving CA for a less hostile business environment. BTW, when Obamacare kicks in in 2 more years CA will be bankrupt. Then not only will nobody have to work (they can collect welfare) they will also have da kine health insurance) We expect to be running our business from Costa Rica by then. They love us rich gringos (and our money) and have lots of incentives to get us down there. and Premier Obama will still have to pay my Social Security.

      1. jamesmih says:

        If you are so educated then why did you buy properties that were overvalued in the first place. The fact that you are collecting rents and not telling the tennants that you are going to be in forclosure shows you have no morals (as most Republicans don’t) Pelosi had NOTHING to do with the banks actions, it was the Republicans that relaxed regulations and they ran wild (as all companies do when there are no rules to keep them honest) Meg baby’s advisor Pete Wilson is the one who signed the electric deregulation law that allowed power companies to game the system and robe California blind.

  4. JFM says:

    Just seeing what she did to HP was enough to scare me away from voting for Fiorina. Just call me another “dumb liberal.”

    1. Giovanni says:

      JFM Do you know what she did to HP?

  5. Terry McCabe says:

    I would really like to see the news media investigate and report on some of Senator Boxers outrageous claims. It is time that the news media confront Senator Barbara Boxer on her claim that she supports the military and its veterans. Senator Boxer’s voting record demonstrates that she is a LIAR on this point.
    For example, in 2007, Boxer was one of only 14 Senators to vote against the Supplemental funding for the war in Iraq and Afghanistan which included among other things body amour for our military. During the 9/30/2010 Boxer/Fiorina debate Boxer defended her No Vote by saying in substance that the bills were simply not good enough. Senator Joe Biden (now our Vice President) had this to say about those 14 Senators which included Barbara Boxer;
    “So what do some of my colleges say about why they voted against the money? They say they voted against the money because they wanted to make a political point. Well there is no political point worth my son’s life. There is no political point worth any body’s life out there. None.”
    To see the emotion which went along with Biden’s words take a look at the 17 second Youtube video at:

  6. Terry McCabe says:

    Here is a challenge to CBS to investigate and report their findings.

    Over past year Senator Boxer has repeatedly claimed that her husband, Steward Boxer was is a military veteran. In fact in the 9/30/2010 Boxer/Fiorina debate she said “and my husband served in the military. So I love the military”.

    During a Senate hearing held on 7/16/2009 in an effort to shut down an argument she initiated Boxer said “Ok, let me say as someone who is married to a veteran, this has nothing to do with this conversation”.

    As a native Californian and my self a veteran, it is my recollection that both Barbara Boxer and Steward Boxer were active anti-war protesters in the Bay Area during the late 1960’s. For this reason, I found it difficult to believe Senator Boxer’s 7/16/2009 statement. I researched the bios of Barbara Boxer and her husband Stewart Boxer. There is absolutely no mention of Boxers husband ever being in the military service that I could find. Further a quick chronology analysis of their respective ages, when they met in college and were married strongly suggests that Steward Boxer was never in the military.

    I sent three letters over a three month period to Boxer explaining that I was surprised at her claim and asking her to provide the approximate dates and branch of service her husband served in. There has been no response.
    Our veterans and those in the military along with their families should be told if Senator Boxer’s claim that her husband is a veteran is a lie and is being used to get votes.

  7. FLF says:

    BPS continues to fully prove the theory that all liberals are have a genetic defect and that it may indeed be a widespread disease. Churchill noted: When I was in my twenties if you were not a liberal you had no heart, when I became forty I found that if you were not conservative you had no BRAIN! I rest my case–

  8. nhactual says:

    If people like to be on unemployment line, go ahead and vote Democrats, big spenders.

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