Fearless Election Predictions

Yours, Not Mine

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You don’t have to count the days to the election, anymore: no you can count the hours. People sick of flyer-stuffed mailboxes and prerecorded phone pitches say “Thank God.”  TV, radio, and newspaper sales departments would beg to disagree.

Who will win their races? Enter your Fearless Election Predictions, in Comments, below.  Unfortunately, because of my job, I am precluded from offering my own picks. But I will tell you this: they all will turn out to be correct.

Jerry Brown vs. Meg Whitman. You’ve seen the polls. What did Nannygate do for her? Why is Brown lying low these last few days? (Hours- Ed.)

Sen. Barbara Boxer vs. Carly Fiorina. Any surprises there?

Proposition 19, legalizing marijuana. For a while, it looked like it might actually pass. But not the last few weeks. Still a chance?  Plus, weigh in on the national front, the ‘referendum on the President,’ or any other elections of note (Nevada, anyone?).

Remember: add your Comments, below. Then, right after the election, point out how smart you were. Since you can do it anonymously, no one will know otherwise….


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