LOS ANGELES (AP) — Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca has asked for an independent review of allegations that he used department resources to help a political donor.

Spokesman Steve Whitmore says Tuesday that Baca wants the county’s Office of Independent Review to look into the sheriff’s 2008 order that detectives investigate the tenant of a political donor for lease forgery.

The dispute was in Beverly Hills but police there decided it wasn’t a criminal matter. County prosecutors declined to file charges.

On Monday, the head of the Office of Independent Review told the Los Angeles Times he wouldn’t investigate because the Sheriff’s Department has no policy against giving donors special treatment.

But Whitmore says the chief wants a probe, did nothing wrong and has nothing to hide.

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Comments (5)
  1. s davis says:

    yeah right. business as usual in calfornia where the police do what they want

    1. Bill says:

      It is not so much the Police as a whole as it is the upper echelon of the deviants such as Baca. He is more politically and Hollywood motivated than he is about the Laws and doing the right “legal” things. He is about as useful as AIDS…

  2. Bill says:

    WHY NOT?? Baca is as Corrupt as his namesake, the politician Baca out of Fontana. What is it with you Californians? You are so politically correct and challenged that I am surprised you actually know how to breathe on your own….

  3. citizen says:

    Did anyone think they would investiagte this crook.

  4. downtown vibe says:

    You know big time drug lords helped to get him in office.

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