LONG BEACH (AP) — California gubernatorial candidates Meg Whitman and Jerry Brown were placed on the hot seat during a joint appearance at a women’s conference, when they were asked to pull their negative advertising.

Audience Reacts To Candidates’ Response: KNX 1070’s Jon Baird Reports

Brown, a Democrat, said he would do so if Whitman agreed. But Whitman, a Republican, said she would pull only the TV spots that are character attacks.

She said she needs to tell Californians about Brown’s record as governor from 1975 to 1983 — and she then proceeded to attack it.

Her answer prompted loud boos Tuesday from the audience at California first lady Maria Shriver’s annual women’s conference. Brown was booed, albeit less audibly, when he also discussed the nature of his ad campaign.

“Today” show host Matt Lauer had asked the candidates to pull the attack ads that have flooded the airwaves in California. Both candidates are in the final week of an increasingly negative race for governor.

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  1. Political ads on TV around election time are like telemarketing calls, no one wants them. So please, polticians…for the love of god…shut the f- up.

  2. terry mccabe says:

    From what I’ve seen Whitman’s adds are truthful about Brown’s record from 1973-1983 and don’t rise to the level of being classified as so called “attack adds”.

    On the other hand, Attorney Jerry Brown being the real stand up guy, stood silently by while democrat activists conducted one of the most untruthful and vile political attacks ever fro personal gain. Attorney General Jerry Brown to date has failed to announce that he has taken any action against illegal alien Nicky Diaz Santillan for her admitted various violations of law to include the use of a fraudulent or forged social security card and California driver’s license.

    The uncontroverted facts of the Nicky Diaz Santillan incident is that an un-named attorney sought out former Meg Whitman’s house keeper. Once “Nicky” was found Activist and immigration attorney Marc Van der Hout and feminist discrimination attorney Gloria Allred were brought on board for the express purpose of attempting to derail the Meg Whitman’s gubernatorial campaign. It has been suggested that Van der Hout cut a deal with both the state of California and the Feds before he allowed Allred to do her dog and pony show. This makes sense because otherwise why would Allred have compromised her client in so many ways which otherwise would have been unethical.

    The question in voters mind should be how much was Jerry Brown involved?

  3. Shirl says:

    How does spending millions of dollars, being ‘fiscal responsible’,’ and not knowing when to take a step back help to win friends and influence peoople?

  4. estaban says:

    Megan only did what every true republican business person does… get a brownie to clean her whities, so illegal slaves from mexico had to also clean her flying monkeys litter. Why do you need the Ruby Slippers meg?
    I’ll go negative on any takers Jerry is not paying for my words.

    1. the real Esteban says:

      brownie cashed in big time after sneaking over then cashed in big time with attorney gloria

      pot calling the kettle brown, stevie

  5. Philip Sacks says:

    Whitman’s last advertisement indicates that Govenor Jerry Brown did a great job 30 years ago and this is why she moved to California.

  6. jack says:

    Exactly why she’d spend $150M+ to run the State for a quarter-mil blows my mind. Who knows what insanity drives the lives of the ruling class? (Arnold do..!)

  7. Michael says:

    Having just moved back from Texas, I would encourage Ms. Whitman to move there. They would love her there! And, we would be glad to wave goodbye!

  8. markiejoe says:

    Meg Whitman never voted as an adult. Which means she never cared enough about California to participate in the process.

    But now all of a sudden, she decides she wants to be governor. Now, Miss Too-Lazy-and-Disinterested-To-Vote comes to us and asks us to get up off our collective couches and vote for her.

    Ain’t gonna happen, Meg. I don’t vote for people who never bothered to vote.

  9. oncle willie says:

    What could one expect from that crowd? Real women were out working or taking care of kids. These hoity toity prima donnas have way to much time on their hands. I mean really, who has time to go to a conference?

    1. Jeff whiteman says:

      It’s a gathering of rich white woman who have nothing better to do . They are all of guilt. We will all be surprised what happens in the voting booth. Go meg

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