CHICO, Calif. (AP) — Republican governor candidate Meg Whitman is continuing her culinary tour of California eateries with a stop at Chico’s Cozy Diner.

Then it’s on to greet customers at a similar stop in Redding Saturday.

With the debates behind her and the election less than three weeks away, the billionaire former eBay CEO is concentrating on getting out the Republican vote with a bus tour through friendly areas of the state.

She snacked on a beef-dip sandwich in Los Angeles, a chili dog in Bakersfield and a chocolate shake in Sacramento this week before continuing north to Chico and Redding.

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  1. Sage Advice says:


    There are plenty of die-hard Republican voters like myself that see Meg Whitman as a false candidate, even one that will be hugely ineffectual in getting anything done through a largely Democrat Legislature, merely because of her inability to be tactful and humanistic toward others and under political restraints.

    No, I DON’T fall for her self-promoted performance at Ebay; from what I watched, as it happened, she helped first-hand to destroy Ebay, drove the stock down, and did nothing but ruin Ebay for gun owners by banning legal firearm-parts sales among other awfully poor changes that made it a junk-auction website. It’s a shell of what it used to be.

    Fact of the matter is, Meg Whitman is a RINO; she is NOT 2nd Amendment friendly, has been playing both ends of the field on that issue as well as the Illegal Alien issue (well BEFORE this touted illegal alien hire circus).

    She has told whatever audience is in front of her whatever they wanted to hear; for conservative audiences, she has said she will be as “tough as nails” on Illegal Aliens, then turns around to Hispanic and Latino audiences to say she believes in helping them however possible with open arms through legislative changes, and thereby suddenly using the term “Illegal Immigrants” to soften her approach. What a con.

    And anyone as shallow as Meg Whitman that would spend over $130 Million of their own money to become Governor must see some profitable angle on the whole thing for self-gain, or is merely a power-hungry narcissistic fascist that wants to add a notch to her career belt but hasn’t a clue what to do once she gets in the captain’s seat (a la Obama).

    Her campaign is so similar to Obama’s hope campaign – it’s a lot of sound-bytes and talk of “hope” but does not mention that the reality of her pitch is as good as expecting the tooth-fairy to come and leave money for Californians under a great big pillow in Sacramento. We are already paying through the teeth – Meg Whitman will have no ability to get a return on that, and in her own talk is proving that she can’t, as she is not facing nor presenting the reality of any game-plan in politics with a Democratic Legislature.

    And before anyone states that voting for Meg Whitman is not just an issue of the 2nd Amendment, but one of fiscal endeavor, it’s a foolish and gullible notion to believe Whitman will have any effect in getting anything done in Sacramento. It’s NOT a business, it’s politics, and Whitman has proven she is lousy at politics. Her best approach to all of this would have been to own up to it, merely by stating openly “I made a mistake” or “I didn’t catch the problem early enough” whatever may have been the issue, either for not seeing this bum was Illegal, or in how quickly she fired her upon the revelation that she had been illegal.

    Meg Whitman’s talents in the face of politics are anemic.

    If that RINO Shrivernegger couldn’t do it, Meg Whitman will be no different. She has stated she wants to run CA as a business, which while sounds impressive (hopefully she won’t run it like Ebay and ban Firearm parts) in and of itself, her childish “run it like a business” statement exposes her naivete and ignorance as to how politics will NOT LET her run it as a business. She has no expectation of the games that must be played, and will only make things worse.

    As from what I have seen with Jerry Brown in the past, and with him as DOJ lead and AG, he is no Bill Lockyer. It’s clear he is more 2nd Amendment friendly than Meg, and in all other areas, he has learned from his mistakes of the past, where Meg Whitman will make a host of new ones the likes of which we have never seen. She will drive this economy and budget deficit far deeper than what may be imagined just by her own silly notion she can walk in and have complete control of everything; which she can’t and won’t.

    The current role of Governor in CA is to act as a moderator and manager – not one of total control where you get whatever you want. Meg Whitman has no idea of this, and states as much through the very incorrect and ideological statements she makes about the job – she is too immature in thinking it’s about being the lead and that she will get whatever she wants; it’s not and she won’t.

    My views of Jerry Brown have come full circle from over three or four years ago, and I think he will be able to do so much more in the role of Governor than Whitman; with her cynical, tyrannical approach, I don’t think Whitman will be able to get the computer printers and copiers filled with replacement reams of paper in an efficient manner.

    This will be the first time, in a long time, I will be voting for Democrat for any significant office. This Republican will be voting for Jerry Brown.

    1. Greg says:

      So you assume Democrats will respond positively to tact and humanism?It doesn’t work in DC. I remember the first coming of Jerry Brown and will choose anyone from the private sector. JB is definitely NOT 2nd Amendment friendly; try buying a firearm in Oakland. JB still believes the money in your pocket is rightfully his. At least the Terminator delayed the Democrats from running CA into bankruptcy. So I will put 1 Republican voter into the Democrat column. Don’t think that will offset the Dems and Indies going to the Republican column.

  2. mike says:

    Meg whitman is better than Jerry Brown

    1. derk says:

      Meg is a fraud, she lied about what she did at Ebay, Ebay was not made by Meg, nor did SHE make it big, however if you ask the small sellers at Ebay you’ll find she was the cause for it going downhill today. We don’t need someone that buys their way to office, plus if you recall she started the mud slingling, this is a good sign of the sort of person she is. And I’m sure this witch has many skeletons in her closet such as her illegal alien hiring. Meg? Better then brown, Brown is the same color as what is in our toilets and Meg is right in there with her….look elsewhere

  3. Ervica says:

    Meg Whitman is the choice for California she knows business Jerry Brown spent 230,000 from taxpayer money to decorate his office

    I’m Democratic will vote for Meg whitman

    1. Pig Vomit says:

      All officials are given money to redo offices
      If Meg gets in, the Gov’s office will be redone also

  4. Pig Vomit says:

    She better eat 130 mill worth
    Could have won on half that
    Given rest to Rescue Missions

  5. MeLuk says:

    Like she never remodeled her eBay digs
    or her 15000 sq ft mansion
    cleaned by illegals

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