Man Jumps Off 110 Freeway Overpass in Downtown LA

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Police say a man jumped to his death on Thursday from an overpass onto the southbound Harbor (110) Freeway near downtown Los Angeles.

Rescue personnel were called about 11:30 a.m. to the freeway near Sixth Street, said California Highway Patrol Officer Francisco Villalobos.

Several freeway lanes were blocked for about an hour as officers investigated the scene.

Paramedics took the man to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead, said LAPD spokesman 0Officer Gregory Baek.

The man’s identity was withheld pending notification of relatives.

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One Comment

  1. Was it hopefully one of the members of The Imperial Stars???

  2. LA4Brown says:

    Imperial Stars, no, but maybe Meg Whitman’s husband

  3. faceplant says:

    Oh man! I hope thats not near the staples center – I got clip tix tonight!

  4. One less loser. says:

    Good riddance!! Shovel him to the side so I can get by.

    1. dfdkjl says:

      Seek professional help. And start using your turn signal before cutting me off, for crying out loud. It’s not Gran Turismo.

    2. Respect says:

      How dare you. You all have no idea what can haunt ones mind and drive a human being to commit such an act of desperation. Who knows what creeps into the crevices of ones thoughts to cause him to choose such an urgent and awful departure. Especially one who has seemed collected and reassured. I pray for the likes of you.

  5. ReginaM says:

    Levi Johnston?? There wouldn’t be any brain splatter.

  6. Wyandotte says:

    Levi’s making big bucks while you are unemployed

  7. israel says:

    What time is it? I’m hungry!

  8. Compassion says:

    You all are really sick and have no compassion for another human being who was obviously depressed. I will pray for this person, but more for you all who are just selfish!!! I hope he was not one of your relatives.

  9. Empathy says:

    In agreement with “Compassion”
    This person had people who loved him – your karma is nothing to be desired. Good luck with the rest of your pathetic existence. I knew him.

  10. Donnie the Kommie says:

    Some of these comments are “So LA.”

  11. sad but not sorry says:

    even he died he still cause so many trouble for others. Look how many cars involved in the accident because of him, caused a lots injury for others. Not to mention it will hunted their mind for a long time.

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