MISSION VIEJO (AP) — An emaciated white German shepherd found on the side of a Southern California road has taken his first solid steps after nearly starving to death.

The Orange County Register reports that the dog named Argus was found about a week ago after being reported as a “dead dog lying at the side of a road” by Redlands animal control officers.

The Coastal German Shepherd Rescue in Orange County took him to Alicia Pet Care Center in Mission Viejo.

Veterinarian Matthew Wheaton says the dog struggled to breathe when he was carried in because his chest muscles were so weak.

Argus has been eating small amounts of food since Saturday and took his first solid steps on Monday.

The rescue group eventually hopes to find a permanent home for Argus.

For more about Argus, including pics and updates, and how to donate to his recovery effort, click on the lick for the Coastal German Shepherd Rescue: http://www.coastalgsr.org/

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Comments (12)
  1. Oscar says:

    Good to hear the dog is doing ok!!!!!

  2. Frank Nolan says:

    Thanks to the compassionate person who did her/his best to bring this poor creature to safety. As God is to man, so man should be to beast. I hope the vets and assistants in the clinic who have been helping this poor dog are blessed with love, good health and friendship. People who help defenseless animals are human beings to be treasured. THANK YOU!

  3. CECILIA says:


  4. debbie roberts says:

    Dear Frank,
    You sound like a really noble person. I share your sentiments exactly.
    It is so nice to know that their are people out there like that compassionate person who did their best to help this beautiful creature…..and it’s just as nice to know that people like yourself exist.
    health and happiness to you and yours

    Debbie Roberts
    santa barbara CA

  5. DLB says:

    I cannot say it better than Frank Nolan & Debbie Roberts.

  6. Sean M says:

    It goes to show that just because an animal is on the side of the road…..is doesn’t mean it’s dead!!! come on people! stop being so ignorant and open your damn eyes! How long was this dog on the side of the road before someone actually called animal control????? geeez! if it was a baby or human…..it would only take a second for someone to call….why are animals so different?? they are still living, breathing beings and not to mention mans best friend! Just because it’s not your dog or cat, doesn’t mean you don’t stop to take a look or take action….

  7. joshwhite says:

    I hate POS who do this to pets. I GUARANTEE YOU, you wouldn’t like it done to you, if the situation was reversed? better hope I NEVER see you harm a pet, or leave them for dead…you wont be seeing the next day. Ohhh…too harsh? don’t like it much huh? THEN STOP DOING IT TO PETS>

    Its kinda like Kids: If you cant take care of them…probably shouldnt get them??

  8. Joshwhite says:

    Poor widdle doggy!!!!!

  9. Frank Nolan says:

    Thank you, Debbie Roberts, for sharing your thoughts here, and thanks to the others who have voiced their outrage. We have had 5 dogs through the years, all rescued from neglect. Dogs are amazing creatures; I can’t imagine not being blessed with their unconditional love and playful spirits. Health and happiness to you as well, Debbie. You are a very kind soul.

  10. Shelly says:

    Breaks my HEART to see this — Thank you to the NOBLE person who rescued this beautiful dog… I hope he get the loving home he deserves.. SHAME on the person who abandonded this dog! I want to know how anyone could be so Heartless to do this to ANY animal!
    Bless your little heart Argus and I know someone will adopt you soon and give you the loving and care you so deserve!!

  11. Dana says:

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  12. doggy day care in Mission Viejo. says:

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