BELL (AP) — Former Bell Police Chief Randy Adams claimed he was disabled, but the Los Angeles Times says he took spinning classes and ran a 5K charity race only months before taking the job.

Adams completed the 2009 Glendale race in under 32 minutes. And his application for Orange County sheriff in 2008 said he enjoys skiing and jogging.

Adams made a deal to be declared disabled when he was hired as police chief of the tiny Los Angeles suburb last year. That could allow him to pay taxes on only half of his potential $400,000-a-year state pension — although the deal is under investigation.

Adams resigned this year after revelations about huge salaries for Bell officials sparked public outrage.

Adams’ attorney, Mark Pachowicz, says his client is disabled, and the spinning classes and jogging are good for his back.

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Comments (8)
  1. notlovinLA says:

    I’m sorry, but I like to go running too, and if there’s anything that ISN’T good for my back it’s running. The ex-chief’s lawyer is just as slimy as he is.

  2. JDrag392 says:

    I am a police officer in Bell. Adams IS NOT disabled. And notlovinLA, you are CORRECT. The LAST thing someone with a bad back wants to do is run. Adams would also occasionally go out onto patrol in a black and white, issuing traffic tickets, impounding cars…..responding to calls. I know this because I worked dayshift at the times when he would do this.

  3. Bob says:

    Bob Goody
    I guess CRIME does PAY pritty good

  4. A Pendejo says:

    Hope he can run that fast from a mob
    of angry taxpayers

  5. g says:

    welcome to the age of greed

  6. ES says:

    To JDrag392, news of this POS must really infuriate you and those honest public officials that follow the law. They make the honest ones look bad. I hope his kids see what a perfect role model their father is. Sad.

  7. ca562dude says:

    I taught Aerobics / Personal Training for 11yrs, How in the World can Joggging and Spinning be good for the back ?????????

  8. jdrag392 says:

    ES, just info….Adams has a son that is a cop for Simi Valley PD. We can only hope that he has lost all respect that he has ever had for his father and that he not turn out to be just like him.

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