WEST HOLLYWOOD (AP) — Authorities say a Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputy fired on and missed a man he believed was a robbery suspect but turned out to be the liquor store clerk who had been held up.

Deputy Lilian Peck says deputies received a call early Saturday of a robbery by two armed suspects at the store in West Hollywood, and one deputy fired after seeing a man who matched the suspect’s description leaving the store who appeared to be holding a gun.

Peck said in a statement that the man was detained and determined not to be a suspect.

She says the clerk was not hit.

The gunfire broke windows across the street from the liquor store.

No suspects had been arrested Sunday night.

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Comments (23)
  1. Sparky Taylor says:

    Yeah mistaken identity
    Any black suspect will do

    1. DJ Smythe says:

      Sparky Taylor is racist

      1. miguelLA says:

        I think that Sparky Tayor’s point is that the cops are willing to SHOOT at civilians just based on skin color. It is the cops who are racist, not Sparky.

  2. the observer says:

    I bet you any money, the deputy probably is into some cut with the robber..Gee, after all this high tax rate we are paying in this County, why we can’t get at least a freaking reliable deputy.

    A big lawsuit against the department should teach them a lesson..Oh..we will be spending a whole lot of taxes with these incompetents anyways., so why not just give to the double jeopardy victim.

  3. the observer says:

    This is what happened when someone just go to work for a pay (tax payers expense ), and not serving because they ought to serve the community. Paying attention to details is the lack thereof.

    Remember Bell?

  4. Al says:


  5. Bill says:

    The clerk is lucky that the deputy is a bad shot.

  6. miguelLA says:

    So two African-Americans rob a store. The clerk, who pretty clearly seems to be middle-eastern goes to the corner to help guide the cops. And they shoot at him because he “matches the description,” by which I guess they mean “a person of color.” Now I am a Latino, and I know will think twice before reporting a crime in Los Angeles I guess. I would hate to be shot just for being brown and reporting a crime.

  7. james says:

    This moron should be fired after such a stupid act.What if that bullet would have hit that poor guy?I guess a typical response:Sorry,it was an accident,move along and shut up.Or what if some 6 year old kid was walking down the street at the same time and it missed the clerk,but hit the kid in the head and killed him?

  8. Mikey says:

    Hell, the guy must of been guity of somthing.

  9. jip says:

    Wow, talk about amateur hour! This ‘deputy; needs to be taken out of commission asap. There is no doubt he believes in shooting first. What a moron.

  10. sp says:

    I heard he fired eight shots, and they all missed. Time to quit.

    1. miguelLA says:

      SP- I don’t know if you know Santa Monica Blvd., but if you know where the liquor store is, and you see where the shots ended up, then you know that the shots ended up ACROSS THE STREET. Thank goodness, but man, get thee to a firing range.

  11. Mike A. says:

    Due to budget cuts. Deputies are no longer taught to shoot and use their brain.

  12. Chubby says:

    Say it ain’t so . We are all lucky this Deputy missed and will be put on leave until furture notice,
    Aloha ,Chubby

  13. hehelolol says:

    stupid cop they should give him the chair and eat his dogs stupid white ppl, why do white crackers redneck small dics got to be so racist

  14. MICHAEL says:

    GO WEHO Sherriffs!!!!!!!!!

  15. the why guy says:

    Why no questions from media about any leave of absence for the officier until further review of the incident? Why no comments from the department about a leave of absence for the officier? And why 2 police forces for LA? Looks like double dipping.

  16. Angelina says:

    media did a poor job reporting on this story …

    it just seems they ignored that 8 shots missed the victim and instead finished the story with the urgency to catch these suspects.

    cbs2 has a double standard.

  17. GC1008 says:

    Why Guy, your moniker would indicate you’re smart enough to ask questions, but then you go on about double dipping, so I guess you’re willing to just “assume” anyway. West Hollywood is not part of Los Angeles City and therefore isn’t patrolled by LAPD. They contract with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department for services. Lots of cities in California contract with their country SO’s to do this, like Agoura Hills, Calabasas and up in Ventura County, Camarillo. It has its advantages and disadvantages. In most cases it saves them money from having their own department and they have the support of a larger infrastructure which includes the homicide department and forensics labs. As to people whining that there is no report of an investigation… any time an officer or deputy fires their weapon on duty there is automatically going to be an investigation. There just are a whole lot of civilians out there that really care about the facts and waiting for the facts. We are now a society who expects all the answers and retribution in 48 minutes plus commercials just like on TV. Heaven forbid we should read, listen, educate ourselves and not just go with the mob mentality. Criminey, that would actually involve work and effort on our parts and it’s so much easier to look at a film clip or listen to a sound bite and the spout the wisdom of Aristotle.

  18. 1st Lt. NumbNuts says:

    dumb fool shot up windows across the street. He should have his sidearm taken away and give a desk job

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