LOS ANGELES (AP) — The father of a 14-year-old girl, who was kidnapped and forced into prostitution, will hold a news conference to ask for other possible victims of a suspected pimp to come forward.

Peter Doesburg will address the media at 11 a.m. Monday at the Police Administration Building in downtown Los Angeles.

His teen daughter was found safe Oct. 2 after being missing for two months.

Doesburg has said he believes his daughter was abducted by Leroy Bragg.

Bragg was arrested Sept. 28 and pleaded not guilty to charges of trafficking of a minor, solicitation and other crimes in the abduction of a 13-year-old girl.

Police say they don’t have evidence that Bragg kidnapped Doesburg’s daughter, but believe she was abducted by people she knew.

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  1. Jennifer L. Jackson says:

    My name is Jennifer L. Jackson of Los Angeles, Author of “The Streets, My Cradle.” This is a problem that I am so tired of seeing get swept under the rug. Teenage runaways, child prostitution, and foster children being forced into a life of prostitution due to being put out of foster homes with no place to go but the streets. Yes, there have been some changes made to help resolve these problems like monies for emancipated foster youths, but it is necessary to invest more monies into prevention programs for youths all over the Nation. To the young people who thought there was no other way and chose to live a life of prostitution in order to support themselves; Unlike it was when I was growing up there are some programs out there to help you with housing, jobs, school, etc. But, there is still a need for more programs and programs that involve the natural parents. To not include parents in the programs is only taking more Authority away from the parent. Children are our future and we should look at it as an investment into our future.
    To those young ladies who have come forward and those who have fallen victim to Mr. Braggs and any other person forcing them in a life of prostitution, first of all you deserve better, SECOND DON’T EVER BE AFRAID TO PROTECT YOURSELF. YOU DON’T HAVE TO ACCEPT ABUSE AND THE ONLY WAY TO STOP YOU OR ANOTHER YOUNG PERSON FROM BEING TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF IS TO COME FORWARD WITH THE TRUTH. To those of you who runway, the streets is no place to run to. Stop and listen to your parents and Parents stop and listen to your children. Your Parents may not be right all the time but they are doing their best to protect you. Whether my Mom (who raised me) was right or wrong to this day i wish I had of kept my mouth closed and listened to her. The good thing I found in all the horrific experiences I had in the past is that I now have knowledge that can help others. I truly understand the young people in situations like this because I too was a runaway. I was in a foster home a girls home, involved in drugs, I was also involved in Prostitution starting at the age of 12. The assaults, rapes, coming close to death 5 times are some of the ugly experiences I had on the streets. I want to help to put and end to Child exploitation! I started by writing a book titled, “The Streets, My Cradle” to help discourage young girls and boys from running away from home and falling prey to the streets, etc. The book I wrote can be purchased by contacting me via e-mail at jjackson4life@yahoo.com and my assistance can be obtained by doing the same. COMING FORWARD IS WHAT’S GOING TO MAKE IT OKAY. SILENCE WILL NOT HELP YOU OR ANYONE, IT WILL KEEP SICK AND VICIOUS PEOPLE THAT ARE TOO WEAK TO DEAL WITH ADULTS CONTINUE TO HARM YOU/OUR CHILDREN. IT IS TIME TO PUT A STOP TO IT. ONE CHARGE I DID NOT HEAR MENTIONED WAS CHILD MOLESTATION CAUSE THAT’S WHAT IT IS ALSO. DON’T ALLOW FEAR TO GET IN THE WAY OF CHANGE AND SAVING A LIFE, SPEAK UP!!!

  2. JQ Public says:

    How original
    A black pimp named LeRoy

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