SACRAMENTO (AP) — Thousands of 4-year-olds will be held back from entering California’s kindergartens under a bill approved by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The law he signed Thursday moves up the cutoff date by one month each year for three years, from the current Dec. 2 deadline to Sept. 1. California has one of the latest start dates in the nation.

The Legislative Analyst’s Office estimates the state could save $700 million per year by reducing enrollment.

The money will go to fund “transitional kindergarten” programs for 4-year-olds who are no longer eligible for kindergarten.

Critics say the cost of SB1381 will end up exceeding the savings, while supporters say it is cost-neutral.

The state Department of Education says about 100,000 of California’s 430,000 kindergartners start before their 5th birthday.

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Comments (5)
  1. Andy R. says:

    Well, we were 49th out of 50 states in Education. It wouldn’t surprise me if we dropped to last place.

  2. MMcK says:

    90 % Anchor Babies

  3. BAD IDEA! says:

    Lovely. Let’s hold our kids back. Why teach them to read before they can buy their own books.

    Let’s pretend it will save us money, and then spend more for transitional K then it would cost to just start them in Kindergarten!

    Good jiob, California.

    How is that for an anti-school sentiment that will add flames to our gang problems?


  4. alex r. says:

    and this is how we show interest in the future generation!!!cutting on their eduation!! how ignorant, thank you mr. governor, hope i dont hear”i’ll be back”

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