2 Musicians Make A Swing Through SoCal: Catch Them Any Time You Can

Good times for fans of smooth jazz. Two of my favorite musicians in the world (in the world? -Ed.) —in the world— are performing close to home these next couple of weeks: I plan on seeing both.

Friday night (10/1) Peter White brings his incredible guitar magic to Newport Beach. White performs around the world. One of his biggest shows of the year takes place at a huge winery venue  in Temecula. What a setting! This year, I missed that show, so I’m glad there are others. Click on the link, for a sample.


White used to perform frequently with a Polish jazz-pop singer songwriter named Basia ( His brother was her collaborator). Basia has enjoyed worldwide acclaim, and also cult status. Basically, she walked away from a successful career, leaving her fans wanting to hear her even more. Now they can, as she continues a world tour based on her newest album. (The link below is kinda retro, but still cool.)


Basia will perform  at the Grove of Anaheim, in November.  And, no, I’m not the official promoter for either of these musicians. Obviously, I’m an un-official promoter; as are a lot of their fans. If there can be such a combination as energetic-laid-back fun, it lives in both Peter and Basia.

  1. Peter White says:

    Thanks Kent- it was great to see you and Karen at the show in Newport Beach! Also thanks for the heads-up about Basia. She will be touring the US in November- unfortunately I will be touring in England when she is here so I won’t be able to make any of her shows. Here is a link to some videos of her and I together when she was here earlier in the year.

    From Now On:

    All my best to you! Peter White

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