“People2Watch” is a weekly feature where we profile people who are making a difference in our community.

Do you know someone who is reaching out to help others? They may have started a charitable organization, they could be a special volunteer, or anyone who you think is worthy of recognition because of what they are doing to help others.

If you think that person is worthy of being featured on “People 2 Watch,” please send us a short description of the person and the work they do, and we will consider them.

E-mail your submissions to cbs2people2watch@gmail.com

Comments (3)
  1. c says:

    Love this segment! Keep up the great work Whitney!

  2. Michelle says:

    I really enjoyed the piece about City Impact from Oxnard. I might be just a tad bias, because the mentor in the piece is my husband, Aulama Lemalu Sr. He not only touches peoples lives and helps them with their stuggles he is very fullfilled by this job.. This is what he is meant to do and he is amazing at it.. I love his committment to the program and the children. I stand by him and fully support him in all his endevors.

    1. Thomas Bartels says:

      i’m Thomas and i’m an artist from Germany. I’ve made a drawing of Whitney Drolen.
      I saw Whitney every morning on TV when I was a few weeks ago in Los Angeles.
      In L.A. I got ever so early, to experience the sunrise on the Pacific Ocean 🙂
      You can find my drawing of Whitney on my facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/thomas.bartels2
      Many greetings!

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