LOS ANGELES (AP) — Three ex-sheriff’s deputies have pleaded no contest to beating a Los Angeles County jail inmate.

The deputies attacked inmate Gabriel Vasquez at the downtown Men’s Central Jail after he made an obscene gesture to a jailer.

Investigators initially determined deputies weren’t involved and the injuries were from other inmates or were self-inflicted.

The investigation was reopened when a fourth deputy admitted during a job interview with another agency that he lied about witnessing the attack.

On Wednesday, 34-year-old Lee Simoes pleaded no contest felony assault and he was placed on three years’ probation. Humberto Magallanes and Kenny Ramirez, both 30, pleaded no contest to misdemeanor assault and were placed on two years’ probation.

Sheriff’s spokesman Steve Whitmore said they resigned Tuesday night.

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Comments (9)
  1. Sona says:

    How do you expect for people to feel about this article? well I know this type of abuse happens everyday to anyone from these cops or sheriff ( whatever you wanna call them) When you give uneducated people with these authorities, this is exactly what can happen. I hope a lot of people can stop asking “why” are cops like that.

  2. D_Va says:

    Assaulting someone is a crime. No matter what type of “gesture” a person makes – you do not have a right to assault them. Now, what makes you any different from them? You do the crime – you do the time. I sure hope authorities learn from this. These guys give law enforcement a bad name. Sad… They’re suppose to be the law – no break it! STUPID.

  3. Lawrence Lewis says:

    Amazingly, the department conducted their own investigation and determined that the injuries were either caused by other inmates or self-inficted. Says alot about the reliability of these in-house or internal investigations.

  4. renard johnson says:

    if i were any dumber i would have become a police officer. For the most part they are very unprofessional and arrogant.I can’t even say how often I have seen them flaunt traffic laws that would get me a fat ticket.

  5. justice says:

    a places so full of camera….

    1. Margie Koba says:

      My daughter just got beat up I askes the LT to look at the video he told me if they have one

  6. William says:

    The deputys are worse than the gang members.If your in jail your more at risk of being hurt or abused by deputys than the most violent gang members.

  7. victim of the police says:

    i was a victim of the police force and no matter how loud i yelled, no one would listen. i filed a complaint with the departments internal affiars division and after almost a year my claim was deemed “unfounded” thats just a fancy way to say, i dont believe you over the officers, no matter how much evidence you present or how much the officers report dont make sense. the investigators have a personal interest in maintaining the “integrity” of the department. the department spend millions of tax payers dollars on a campaign to keep their image spotless in the eyes of the pulic so finding against the officers would be taking 100 steps backwards. i laugh at the people who post comments saying, ” so what, criminals should have no rights”. and these are the people who sit on jury’s and are supposed to be fair and impartial?! RIGHT! but how many of these “criminals” would really be criminals if the cops werent able to lie and get awy with it? everybody is pro cop until they become a victim of their crimes then they want someone to believe THEM. my advice is to put hidden cameras in your cars. thats the only way to catch them. WAKE UP PEOPLE. stop giving another falable human being so much power.

  8. realist says:

    im not against law enforcement, i just believe that we as citizens give them way too much power. ITS A JOB PEOPLE! and having that badge doesnt make them perfect or incapable of lying. honestly, who in this world would be honest if you could lie to protect your skin and you KNOW you will get away with it? these officers have mortgages and car notes to make so are you naive enough to beleive that they will be honest NO MATTER WHAT, even if their behind are on the line? they have evn more incentive to make as many arrest as they can, even if it means falsely arresting people, promotions! Promotions= higher pay! higher pay= bigger houses and nicer cars and maybe even a family boat! tell me, who of all you HONEST citizens would throw someone you dont know under the bus so you can obtain those things?

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