Groups Ask Obama To End Immigrant Checks

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Hundreds of human rights groups are asking the Obama administration to end programs that allow local police to check the immigration status of arrestees.

A letter to the president Wednesday says that encourages racial profiling and calls it a dangerous merger of the federal immigration enforcement system with state criminal justice systems.

The letter is signed by the AFL-CIO and a broad range of criminal justice, peace, religious, ethnic and immigrant rights groups around the country, including the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement is expanding a program that permits local police officers to run arrestees’ names through a Department of Homeland Security database.

An e-mail to Homeland Security seeking comment wasn’t immediately returned.

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  • FFL

    Ok and I guess we will just open up all borders and let rampant poverty and criminals in to start the systematic and chaotic destruction of our system of government! Ya that will make them satisfied- and the libs over joyed

  • omg

    yeah, make sure not to check to see if they have a prior criminal record either…

  • ReginaM

    Why stop? It’s a great way to get illegals out of here

  • MRC

    Most of these “groups” have some kind of financial gain as their motive. They do not look at real cost of supporting illegal people.

  • rjsmitty

    These raids have NOTHING to do with with “human rights ” it has to do about illegal aliens . They make it seem that these people have done nothing wrong?

  • rjsmitty

    OMG the SPLC is the the biggest hate group there is! Is that what this has come down to…… LOL

  • ginny25

    Well, does that mean that the next time I get stopped and am asked for my ID that I won’t have to show it either? How about I try that the next time I return to the country from an international trip and have to go though customs at the airport or at the border. Pretty soon the only ones who are going to be required to show their ID/proof is LEGALLY born citizens or LEGAL immigrants. Guess we can tell which way DC is swinging these days.

  • Buck

    Check it and boot them out.

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