COMPTON (CBS) — A 13-year-old boy collapsed Tuesday after taking a physical education class at a middle school in Compton, according to officials.

Luis Fraire, a seventh-grade student at Whaley Middle School, collapsed while walking toward the boy’s locker room.

He later died at a hospital.

The case was turned over to homicide investigators because of the boy’s age, Sgt. Joe Ramirez said, but foul play is not suspected.

The boy had heart problems and had complained of chest pains, Ramirez said. He denied a media report that the teen collapsed while running laps.

The coroner’s office will determine the exact cause of death, he said.

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Comments (26)
  1. Shelly says:

    My heart goes out to this boy’s family. I’m so sorry to hear he had heart problems. I’ll be thinking about him.

  2. FFL says:

    And of course the parent couldn’t speak any English. Why am I not surprised.

    1. evelyn says:

      so what if she doesn’t speak english. what does language have to do with this sad story. Jerk

    2. mary says:

      You are such an idiot! since you speak english this won’t ever happen to you right?

  3. IRENE CHEELY (icee) says:

    My prayers and condolences to the family.

  4. Angry Parent says:

    This makes me really upset. These teachers have these kids running like crazy. My son, Alan Tuliau, attended Poly as a freshman in 2001. He ran laps, collapsed and died later at the hospital. He had a heart condition that we knew nothing about. It was undetectable and the only way we would have known about the heart condition is if and when something happens. And that’s when we found out…..when he passed. The teachers have these kids running and have no idea that some kids just can’t handle it…especially kids that aren’t active. The School Board needs to make some changes on this. So many kids have collapsed and died during P.E. in regards to running laps. This sucks big time. Let’s have the teachers run laps with the students!

  5. Joan says:

    My heart goes out to the family in their great loss. I wondered if the schools are required to have a doctor’s note stating a student is healthy and if not they shcould, it seems we could help prevent children from some of this horrible stuff.. Very sad.

  6. vudu says:

    Deleted my comment that was in no way inappropriate? Who picks and chooses what is? Id love to have a talk with them. Im respectful on these boards but plainly state my opinions and if not agreed with i guess they get deleted? Yet i see racist remarks on other articles left alone……. hey news site editor……. email me …… im curious to know what your deal is. Thx

  7. Nadine says:

    My heart goes out to the family for the loss of their child.
    To make children run or do any kind of physical education in the horrid
    heat we’ve been having is unforgivable. This PE teacher is an idiot. The news media
    were advising people not to do anything physical in this heat. I can bet
    the PE teacher was somewhere nice and cool. A travesty this is!!

    1. briannaR says:

      hes not an idiot hes my p.e. teacher to he aint no idiot hes just doing his job!!!so stay in ur bussiness cuz they told them wat do to so stop sayin stuff! wen u dnt even know them!!!!!!!!!1

  8. Shelly says:

    To FFL above. Your comment is disgraceful because it hatefully implies that the parent’s language had something to do with the untimely and tragic death of their child. You have demonstrated that you have no decency and use any means to broadcast your biggotry.

  9. tom says:

    The boy died after PE class at 8:57 am. This has nothing to do with the heat, so lets give the PE teacher and school a break. The teacher and the school have done nothing wrong and they don’t need to change anything. It was approxiamtely 72 degrees at 8:30 am, so how could this have anything to do with the heat. The boy obviously had something wrong.

  10. brian says:

    i love my cuzin luis hes my best cuzin crys im his cuzin brian luis is my cuzin rip luis love you alot in my heart

  11. Ana says:

    My condolences go out to the family of this boy and to the family of Angry Parent for the loss of their children. However, I completely agree with tom. The P.E. teacher is simply doing his/her job as described by the state of California. P.E. is a class and students are expected to meet the California State standards for P.E. If a student has a known medical condition (verified by a physician), P.E. can be modified to meet the needs of that student. But the cause of death cannot be blamed on the teachers or the school board.

  12. Frank says:

    I completey agree with Tom and Ana. The news and some of you people on this thread are totally out of line for blaming the school or the teacher. America is already fat and out of shape and this teacher is trying to do a job. Of course the news doesn’t say that this was after PE class or they don’t try and find out his medical history they just blame someone else(the teacher) for the problem. Quit saying the PE teacer had them out there running in the heat when it was in the low to mid 70’s at that time on teusday. This is ridiculous to blame PE class. America needs PE class and highschool should put an even higher emphasis on PE and health to help our rapid obesity and health problems.

  13. Angry Parent says:

    I said what I had to say. I guess when you’re not put in the parent’s situation…you wouldn’t know. My condolences to the family and I pray for strength and comfort to those it has affected.

  14. Former Whaley student says:

    i went to whaley middle im sophmore now..and tom from my experience at whaley middle those coach make you run aloot and they dont care.i hope it wasnt coch Dixon he was the only cool one..

  15. former whaley student says:

    this suks.. hes the second kid to die at whaley…

  16. Miraki says:

    For those of you that the teacher did nothing wrong. Newsflash., it was i the reports that the child complained about chest pain. Why the teacher made him run instead of calling 911? I would like an answer for that. Probably as usual he thought kids never tell the truth and just make up things. To me that teacher should never be allowed around children ever again as he or she is missing common sense. Condolances to the family.

  17. diana says:

    my condolences to his family n friends .. this is really sad this is the second child that dies at whaley middle school in a gap of 2 yrs whats going on first according to some people the first kid was impacted by a baseball that hit a pole n bounce on his chest lets be realistic a baseball will not bounce hard enough to kill a kid after it has hit a pole first .. n they didnt inform the mother right away of the child death .. and heat does contribute it is really hot by 9 .especially those 2 days .. regardless of he situation is a very sad story

  18. DBA says:


  19. DBA says:

    Also, let me just add that all of your unintelligent and impersonal over-analysis and speculation is exactly what is wrong with society today. MOST LIKELY, NONE OF YOU CLUELESS COMMENTERS HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT REALLY HAPPENED. SO, WHEN YOU TRY TO TELL PEOPLE WHAT FACORS ARE OR ARE NOT IMPORTNAT, YOU SOUND VERY STUPID. NO WONDER THE WORLD IS SO OVERLY COMPLEX AND RIDICULOUS.

  20. 72 degrees says:

    HELLO!!!! Since when is 72 degrees considered too hot. Quit blaming the heat. On Tuesday the high was 94 however at the time it was 72. If PE teachers can’t have the kids running or doing activities at 72 degrees then basically they can’t do anything. Also MIRAKI, unless the boy had something stating he can’t do the runnning (dr. note or parent note) then the PE teacher is not liable for anything. IT WAS 72 DEGREES QUIT BLAMING IT ON THE HEAT!!!!
    Also, DBA no one knows exactly what happen but we do know 72 degrees is not hot enough for a kid to die, so we know it wasn’t because of the heat. I think any intelligent person can figure that out. and by the way DBA you are so smart.

  21. Special K says:

    Many children have collapsed and died at schools in certain unified districts after P.E. or athletic game/practice……find the common thread….what fertilizer are they using? When was it applied? I knew a lady locally who lost her daughter this same way. An investigation should be opened that will be deep and forensically conducted.

  22. Cheryl says:

    Luis Fraire (the boy that died) was my employee’s second cousin. You may make a donation for the funeral at Chase Bank in the name of Elisabeth Delgado (the mother) to account #928880830.

  23. Cheryl says:

    I forgot to say, Thank you!

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