PASADENA (AP) — The Tournament of Roses Parade is changing its name.

As part of a sponsorship deal with American Honda Motor Co., the 2011 procession through Pasadena will be officially known as the 122nd Rose Parade, Presented by Honda. The Jan. 1 parade theme is “Building Dreams, Friendships & Memories.”

Tournament of Roses president Jeffrey Throop notes Honda has worked with parade organizers for five decades. A new trademark composite logo incorporating the Honda brand will be released soon.

The announcement was made Sept. 21 at the annual membership kickoff celebration at the Rose Bowl.

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Comments (12)
  1. JackieW says:

    lemon Protection says the Honda cars also have lemon and they also fall under the same Lemon Laws that apply to new or used vehicle car and truck.

  2. jackiew says:

    Lemon Protection says the Honda cars also have lemon and they also fall under the same Lemon Laws that apply to new or used vehicle car and truck.

  3. medina says:

    i want it to be the samr the tourmament of roses parade thats stupid if they change it i wont go anymore……….

  4. karen says:

    Who cares who it is sponsored by…….. They have never made a stink before. Keep it the way it is.

  5. truly_american says:

    Once again Japan swoops in and buys the cream of the crop. Yes, the Rose Parade board members ARE sell outs!

  6. sirsuperbadness says:

    Jeffrey Throop just pooped on our parade…I guess they ran out of TP and needed cash from Honda

  7. Outraged by it all says:

    Sounds like many people were paid off…this should be looked into. What is this a City of BELL situation???? Even tho it is not a city elected situation it does impact many people. It is not a television corporation it is a CITY that puts it on!!!! We are outraged now to see how we are being sold out, out-sorced, over taxed, bought out by foreign companies, manipulated by banks, wall street, mortgage companies, health companies and attacked by other nations. STAND UP AMERICANS and fight for your rights. Like giving away your hard earned money…where is your 405’s.

  8. Charles B. says:

    could have atleast been by an american brand… smh…

  9. MandyA says:

    They ahould have given American brands priority first.

  10. Pix says:

    Greed, pure and simple. What a disgrace. So is the Rose Queen now the Honda Rose Queen? I stopped watching years ago, but this is really too much.

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