RIVERSIDE (AP) — The outlaw Vagos motorcycle gang has filed civil rights damage claims accusing Riverside County authorities of ransacking homes, intimidating family members and
telling restaurants not to serve club members.

The FBI and California authorities classifies Vagos as an outlaw motorcycle club involved in methamphetamine and marijuana distribution, extortion, insurance fraud, money laundering and weapons violations.

The 16 claims against Riverside County and state officials seek damages for a March raid on club members in Hemet, Fontana and Indio. Authorities arrested 33 Vagos members for parole violations and drug and weapon charges.

The Riverside Press-Enterprise says the claims allege defamation and violation of civil rights, noting members and their families were humiliated and suffered emotional distress because of public defamatory statements.

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  1. CARLTONDAN says:


    1. Streets says:

      Guess your a cop or cop lover. You must beleive everythiong Law Enforcement reports. Let me state a few facts: A police officer is arrested every day in America! Cops lie and cheat, steal, sell drugs, murder, rape, and molest children. Yet you beleive everything tehy say. Are their some bad bikers! You better believe it. Are all bikers selling dope, and stealing, No, thats not true! So understand that in every life style their are good and bad!

      1. json says:

        are there some bad bikers? you dont have to be a cop lover to know that it is not mandatory for cops to commit crimes. in fact if a cop commits a crime, he is expected to be fired or arrested. the vagos are a criminal organization within their ranks, they are expected to commit crimes to make a name for themselves. so lets recap. cops-expected to NOT commit crimes. vagos-expected TO commit crimes. so its safe to say that in the lifestyle of biker gangs, your going to see a lot more crime than in law enforcement. its common sense but i see how you like to twist and distort the truth.

  2. sue says:

    I see you are one of those that does not care until it happens to you. Give it time it will and then you will see that the Gov. is over stepping on peoples lives.

  3. D Robs says:

    Gimme a break. These are gang members! It is not a club, it is a criminal gang. Who cares about their “emotional distress?”

  4. Jazz says:

    Let me see. On parole for methamphetamine and marijuana distribution, extortion, insurance fraud, money laundering and weapons violations.

    Oh yeah they’re innocent.

  5. Margaret says:

    They’re already on parole. That already lends credence to some guilt. Why should they get restitution for breaking the laws? Their families SHOULD be feeling humiliated and embarrassed if thy just let their family members go on like this.

  6. sue says:

    rob,margaret,jazz, I think what the article fails to mention is how many of the charges actually held up in court. Once again the media does not give due diligence to the truth but to accusations. If you do research you will find that all organizations including the police.fbi etc. have individuals that are involved in activities that do not respect the organizations as a whole. Will you comdemn them also for their bad apples?

  7. frdrtd says:

    Since I am related to one of those families that had their home ransacked and a family member arrested, (charges were later dropped due to NO wrong doing on his part…and He is NOT on parole, nor has he ever been convicted of ANY crime. ) This man’s wife did not sign up to have her home invaded at 5 AM, have guns positioned on her, her visiting house guest, her son, etc…The streets were blocked off making neighbors late for work. Law enforcement are simply harassing members of this CLUB…not gang…there are some criminals in the club, but for the most part, they are all good guys with jobs, homes and families. The raid was based on faulty information and it turned out that it was NOT the Vagos that the police should have gone after but a another group of people who do not even ride motorcycles. So if any of you think that because some people ride bikes and are in a club that they have less rights than you…get over yourselves. EVERY single person in this country has rights. What the cops did was WRONG, unless you have first hand knowledge….SHUT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. tammy says:

    I agree with you frdrtd!! People only judge what they here from newspapers or TV!!!

  9. mario says:

    i ride a harley davidson, and a lot of this bikers are the nices person yuo will ever meet.

  10. NM says:

    I think they should be tried by a jury of their peers, but I have no sympathy for those already on parole and those associating with known AND convicted criminals.

    Sue, if you did it by numbers, these “organizations” and “motorcycle” clubs, by the numbers, have more criminals than other groups (such as your local PD).

    If you do it by numbers, more teachers are arrested and charged for criminal activity then cops as well.

    Mario, next you will be saying you are a Deputy, too. 😉

  11. sue says:

    Well I would have to say you are law NM, just by the way you will even throw teachers under the bus as being worse than cops. Pathetic. If we actually had the real numbers of cops who break the law (most are covered up) I wonder what the numbers would be. You are also going off how many people ( not all are usually members) were arrested, not the number that are actually charged

  12. NeLsOn says:

    I was raided on those days and I am not even a Vago,but because of some faulty information I was put in on file as associated with the Vagos MC…the raid was totally unnessesary,the police were being rude to my family,trying to find anything green to make me look bad,running the numbers on all of the vehicles and bikes…even stuff that wasnt mine,but because In was on probation and my brother had a stolen small “YAMAHA 50″ that he even took the blame for,the police still arrested me and my brother for it and put on my record.”STOLEN MOTERCYCLE” and arrested me with the Vagos…the “press enterprise” took my picture put it n the paper along with the “jail report”…its amazing how much B.S. is actually in the newspaper…

  13. NOT A COP says:

    Shame on you for allowing your brother to keep stolen property on your property. Therefore I agree with you being arrested along with your brother. Had you not had stolen property I could understand a law suit on your behalf for police wrong doing for only being associated is not enough for them to raid your home, however they obvisiously had correct information you did have stolen property regardless if your brother took the BLAME for it.

  14. realbeats says:

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