PASADENA (CBS/KNX 1070) —The Pasadena Tournament of Roses has sold its parade naming rights to Honda, it was reported Sunday.

The annual flower-themed street spectacle is now officially dubbed, “The Rose Parade, Presented by Honda.”

Details about the deal, like how much the American Honda Motor Co. is paying, were not disclosed by either the company or the organization.

A corporate spokesman for the car company said it was approached by the parade organizers and readily agreed to the three-year sponsorship deal, the Pasadena Star-News reported.

“It came together very quickly,” said Erik Wedin in an interview with the newspaper. “They approached us because of our long-standing relationship.”

Although the parade is getting a new name and logo that prominently features the Honda trademark, “we are not Nascar,” promised the parade’s revenue director, Sheri Wish.

Honda Will Reportedly Have Lead Float At Rose Parade, KNX 1070’s Bill Cooper reports.

The Star-News reported that Honda will have the lead float, and will get its name incorporated into a composite trademark logo for the parade.

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Comments (15)
  1. ginny24 says:

    Just about the only annual event that didn’t sell out has caved to corporate sponsorship and included their well known Honda monicor to our Rose Parade logo. Shame on the Rose Parade officials.

  2. carlos says:

    like most of the world corrupt countries, america is much the same, where money buys anything and anyone. Only difference is it cost much more to do and can be made to be legal.

  3. rey says:

    Shame on the officials!!

  4. Kate says:

    This parade is rich in history and tradition. The event is ALL volunteers though it still must be a very expensive parade to put on. Just the overhead expenses of security and clean up must be astronomical. That parade goes on for miles, does anyone think the man hours for 24 hour police service is free? I am sure this decision was not made lightly. Give them a break for crying out loud.

  5. John says:

    Anything for a buck. If you have money, you can be free even if you kill someone. Celebrities get put in jail, get the publicity and then set free in hours, while the rest of us would never get that kind of treatment. Everything is for sale. Look for Honda to change from roses to Lotus Blossoms. Why not sell them the “R’s” from our dictionary. Then we can at least sound more Japanese. Rots of Ruck Rose Parade Officrols.

    I’m just wondering who got the money and how was it distributed? Why don’t they list the names of the sell outs so we can all know who they were?

  6. Daniel says:

    What a joke, Talk about the destruction of tradition. Its sad really.

  7. Randy says:

    I am truly disappointed that the Pasadena officials did this. Honda may donate quite a bit to the parade, but they should also take second seat to the official name and they should be happy to be a part of it without their logo plastered on the parade route. I have just decided to never buy another Honda again… it’s that easy for me to do.

    1. pa says:

      Kudos….I concur…I too will not buy another Honda…the one I have now…is the first and last one! It was a “lemon” before I drove it off the lot and still is a “lemon”! Watching the 2011 Rose Parade may not be as “sweet” as years before….sigh

  8. J says:




  10. Buck says:

    Please stop naming after foreign investors. Even the local NASCAR tracks are named Toyota now for a purely and almost only American sport

  11. Bob says:

    I guess because it was American Honda the sell out is o.k.? Shame on the Rose Parade officals, another American Tradition down the tubes!!!!!!!!!

  12. Noel D says:

    what they did is called Prostitution

  13. Billy says:

    We should boo Honda – the float and every time the name is mentioned.

  14. po'd in pasadena says:

    I can’t fault Honda. They are a multi-national corporation eager to market their name. I’m angry with the Tournament of Roses officials. Selling the naming rights was a terrible idea. Sell-out.

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