1 Killed, 8 Shot At Boyle Heights House Party

BOYLE HEIGHTS (AP) — Authorities say eight people were shot – one fatally – and another three stabbed after a fight broke out at a birthday party in the East Los Angeles area.

Police said Saturday that 22-year-old Steven Lopez died at the scene and two other gunshot victims were taken to County-USC Medical Center with critical injuries.

KNX 1070’s Ed Mertz Reports

Police spokesman Cleon Joseph says a dispute at the house party in Boyle Heights escalated until several people pulled out guns and knives early Saturday.

The condition of the other shooting victims was described only as stable and there was no word on the condition of the stabbing victims.

No arrests have been made.

Joseph says the incident does not appear to be gang related.

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  • http://willblogforlols.com willblogforlols

    Nothing good ever happens at parties around 2am.

    • david

      ummmm…. i’ve had some really amazing things happen to me at parties around 2am. you need to get out more.

      • david

        yeah? does that include getting stabbed and shot? oh wait, you probably weren’t in boyle heights at the time.

  • Resident

    I really hope the Security Cameras in the Street Caught the Animals who did this.

  • Buck

    Boyle heights. Say no more 2am say even less

  • Todd

    I’ll take Mexican illegal aliens who were deported and snuck back into the country for $1,000 Alex.

    Funny how these sorts of things always seem to happen in these areas.

  • al

    Where are the protesters to this violence. If the police shoot a man with a knife who is trying to kill them protesters come out. 11 people get shot at a party where people bring guns….nobody cares. what is wrong with this story.

  • Shann

    Ok, I found a few things wrong with this story; however without stating the obvious (8 people injured) …Exactly, where in the Hell is “Any Suburban Boyle Heights Neighborhood?’

  • Maggie

    Hello im the aunt of Steve Lopez the young Man that got killed, our family got destoyed because of this, im so sick and tired of all of this crime and nothing is being done in our neighborhoods what is the police doing to stop this crimes, Steve was a very loving young man, and did not deserve this he was going to attend Cal Poly Pomona to become a Mechanical Engineer, please stop the violence lets stop killing each other!!!!!!!

    • Yaya

      I miss you already mijo…RIP Stevie…I agree with ur tia.God man u were doing soo good…miss you baby….I cant beleive i just spoke to u Frid and then this

  • leroy brown

    Boyle Heights. Who would have thought. Fence it off and let them all shoot each other.

    • christina

      leroy you ARE A JERK!!!!!

  • nicole

    leroy your a jerk!

  • leroy brown

    Nicole, You a jerk for letting this happen on a regular basis. When the cops stop it you complain about police profiling.

  • Yaya

    Another day that is just horrible to me Stevie…I still cant believe ur gone

    Te adoro babe

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