BELL (CBS) — Days after council members of this embattled city were arrested on corruption charges, a new report says the former police chief falsely declared himself disabled in order to reduce taxes on his pension plan.

Former Bell police Chief Randy Adams, who was making $457,000 a year when he resigned in midst of the city
salaries scandal, reportedly crafted a lucrative tax angle for retirement by declaring back, knee and neck problems that could net him millions in tax-free pension income when he retires, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Taxpayers May Long For Bell Glory Days: Patrick Whitnell, League of California Cities Talks To KNX 1070

The Times says Adams struck a deal with then-City Administrator Robert Rizzo to secure city support for the chief’s planned application for a disability pension. Rizzo was arrested on corruption charges Tuesday.
Adams had earlier filed for a non-disability retirement as he prepared to leave his job as Glendale police chief, but he rescinded the application when he got the Bell job in July 2009.

Comments (18)
  1. TONY-E says:

    he should get the ax too, no mercie for the corupt!

  2. Rose Marie says:

    Alot of very evil and greedy officials in this town. I am so glad they are now in jail Praise Jesus for that.

    1. Andy says:

      Why are you ‘Praising Jesus’ for that? What does this have to do with religion?

      1. octodad says:

        Just another bible babbler, if you fart- well they praise the lord for that too!

  3. Mo says:

    I like how state politicians always push for keeping local government close to the people and out of the federal government’s hands. This is what happens when local government has all the power – corruption and crime. They are criminals and should be treated like criminals.

  4. jackieW says:

    Lemon Protection says, the city of Bell has a lot of good people, now the trash has been thrown out, Time for a party and give thanks for those who made this happen. God bless the city of Bell and her people. I am hoping the other small city’s will investigate there people in command as well.

    1. octodad says:

      With the help of that all important ingredient, “god”, of course!

      1. joseph whiteman says:

        Yeah ,who needs god anyways right !! afterall we are doing so good as a country and as humans ,so remember when your plane is falling from the sky ,or one of your loved ones is dying ,or better yet when your dying ,remember to keep God out of it , we dont need him right octodad…

  5. Buck says:

    Put him in jail. Lock him up. Who cares what happens. This bad criminal needs put in general pop.

  6. flo samson says:

    think twice, is there any criminals like them in the state government? California is 13 billion depicit… where the money goes?

  7. diana says:

    only goes to show you money is evil and people are greedy fat rats!

  8. chas says:

    Procecute him know

  9. YEHOUDA says:


  10. Rick says:

    I hope all the money that they are going to take from these council members gets get to the city so that Bell can recorver from this ordeal. Gets me to wonder how many more Cities are like this and better our Goverment??? To think that I would see these people on a daily basis coming home from school..WOW!

  11. Mathew says:

    Thank You God, these crooks have been caught !

  12. A Thinking LB Resident says:

    She probably understands the because Jesus said He is the way, truth, and life, she can say “praise (exalt, glorify, focus on) the truth (Jesus)” and she’ll be grammatically correct.

    Can you wrap your mind around that?

  13. martynGB says:

    THe problem with all levels of government is that they make the rules and then theymake the rules for themselves. CalPers is a great example, they allowed Rizzo et al to be granted an exemption for excessive pension allowances! But the ‘process’ is simply a matter of filling out the forms (and possibly calling your buddy over there..). There’s corruption at all levels or just general incompetence. Look at the LAUSD payroll nonsense, 110 million for a payroll system that didn’t work. Then another $60 mil to ‘fix it’ (new consultant). I’ve been in IT for years I could have done it for 5mil, 3 of that would be my profit!

  14. martynGB says:

    LA TIMES snippet below..

    Many senior managers cannot get their mind around the concept of a large project costing a small amount of money so they hire a bloated poorly staffed corp like DEloitte to handle everything even though it could be sone very much cheaper.

    — sniippet —

    By any method of accounting, however, the payroll imbroglio was costly to the district.

    The payroll system, based on software designed by a German company, SAP, and tailored to the district’s needs by Deloitte, cost $95 million. It was a disaster from the moment it went online in January 2007, spitting out checks that were wildly inaccurate, including $53 million in overpayments to Los Angeles Unified employees. Although the employees were ordered to return the extra money, many had already spent it or simply balked. Holmquist said the district has yet to recover $19 million in overpayments.

    The district, which issues 120,000 paychecks a month, eventually paid $37 million in repairs and delays, but did not get the system working to its satisfaction until January, a year after it was launched. Fesler said that she could not estimate how much the district spent on attorneys in its negotiations with Deloitte, but said the settlement did not require the consulting company to pay any of those costs.

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