KNX 1070 On-Air Schedule


Traffic and Weather Together Every Ten Minutes “On The Fives”  at :05, :15, :25, :35, :45 and :55
Sports at :24 and :54 past the hour
Your Money at :20 and :50 past the hour


5am-10am Dick Helton and Vicky Moore
10am-1pm Chris Sedens and Linda Nunez
1pm-2pm KNX Money Hour with Frank Mottek and Charles Feldman
2pm-7pm Diane Thompson / Jim Thornton / Brian Ping
7pm-12am Karen Harlow / Jan Stevens
12am-5am Rob Archer / Mark Austin Thomas


5am-10am Bob Brill
10am-12pm Food News with Melinda Lee (Saturdays)
12pm-6pm Rob Archer
6pm-12am Mark Austin Thomas / Jan Stevens
12am-5am Pat Haslam


Monday – Friday:
The Osgood Files with Charles Osgood 5:37 AM, 9:37 AM

Food News on Demand 12:57pm

CBS Evening News (Sneak Peak) 3:36 PM

Healthwatch 11:57 AM, 1:57 AM, 3:57 AM

Car Chronicles 5:57 AM, 8:57 AM, 3:57 PM, 6:57 PM

60 Minutes 7 PM

Sandwich Generation

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