LONG BEACH (AP) — Budget problems have forced closure of Rosie the Riveter Charter High School in Long Beach.

The four-year school, named in honor of American women who worked in factories during World War II, provided at-risk teens with vocational skills, including aviation and auto mechanics, culinary arts, drafting, construction trades and restaurant management.

The Long Beach Unified School District charter school had only about 45 students last year, short of the 100 needed to receive enough per-pupil state funding.

The Long Beach Press-Telegram says less than 30 displaced Rosie the Riveter students were placed in other campuses.

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Comments (3)
  1. g says:

    That is really very sad

    1. Debbie says:

      Sad? This is evidence that the big push by business that charter schools are the answer is not true. It’s a nice “theory” like lots of theories but in reality they don’t work.

  2. vudu says:

    Too bad cause schools like that can steer at risk youth into a trade and towards a chance at a better life. Im not particularly a fan of charter schools, but at risk youh aren’t going to improve in LAUSD system either.

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