Man Found Dead In LAX Bathroom

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Officials say a dead body has been found in a men’s restroom at Los Angeles International Airport.

Airport spokesman Albert Rodriguez says a cleaner found the body around 7:45 a.m. Wednesday in a restroom in Terminal 3.

An official with knowledge of the investigation, who asked not to be named because the probe was ongoing, says the coroner’s office is looking at the death as a possible suicide.

The official says the body was found with a bag on its head and its hands bound.

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  • alan c

    I guess its a suicide. He bound his own hands then put the bag over his head.

    • LISA


  • Peace

    I know, Alan. That makes no sense. I think they may have forgotten to update the complete story when they got a confirmation of the disposition.

  • annon

    How do you commit suicide by tying your hands and then putting a bag over your head. Sounds like we need a new coroner. Maybe the person was a ticket agent who tried charging more fees for checked/carry on bags and the told the passenger they would have to ride in the new sardine can seats. If it isn’t that day is going to come.

  • billybob

    We all know how corrupt the LAX police are. they give out bogus tickets and crap every day. I agree with alan c. maybe someone should investigate the moron cop.

  • Mireya

    Could it be that he put bag over his head and then tied his hands? Hmmm….I can’t wait to hear the outcome of this one!

    • dante vargas

      i think its murder..dante

  • Elwood

    No, no, no. Silly. He put the bag over his head, THEN tied his hands.

  • CSI Fishburn Here

    CSI Fishburn
    good sleuthing. but this is LA and it was reported by a talking head where as we know reason and intellegence is not alway found in the same genomes.

  • vudu

    This scenario will end up being a plot for an episode of a crime/detective show in the near future……. also reminds me of a case in the military years back……. guy had his hands tied behind his back, was shot once in the chest with a rifle, ……, they ruled it a suicide and buried it.

  • Norbit

    Obviously he was murdered, who commits suicide like that???

  • vudu

    That kind of suicide isn’t unheard of. First thy place a plastic bag over their head to suffocate, then bind their hands so as not to be tempted to reach up and save themselves. The article doesn’t mention how or where the hounds were bound or the type of bag used. It still sounds like murder but from what i read…, suicide is possible.

  • C

    Sounds mafia-ish…

  • PRam

    Has anyone checked on Larry Craig?

  • Erik


  • Astonished

    No, you don’t understand! He had really, really prehensile toes!

  • Astonished

    Oh, and its definetely not mafia-ish. If it were the mafia, you’d just join Hoffa.

  • maria

    How is it possible that a person is able to kill him self while having his hands bound.

  • Alan Hart

    He just couldn’t take another line at LAX. I understand!

  • Recruitment Division

    I think he held himself hostage in the bathroom for several hours, but no one would comply with his demands so he was forced to murder himself to get his point across.

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