Woman Who Allegedly Starved Dog To Stand Trial

BELLFLOWER (CBS/AP) — A Bellflower woman accused of nearly starving her German Shepherd to death has been ordered to stand trial.

The Orange County Register reported that Superior Court Judge Richard Goul found sufficient evidence Tuesday following a preliminary hearing to hold Kimberly Nizato over for trial.

Nizato was arrested in April and charged with animal cruelty after her dog was found in a severely emaciated state, weighing just 37 pounds, about half of his normal weight.

The veterinarian who treated the dog, now named Courage, said his bowels were impacted with dirt, which had debilitated him to near death.

Thanks to blood transfusions, IV fluids and a high-calorie diet, Courage is up to 85 pounds and is living with a new family and a canine companion.

Nizato is scheduled to be arraigned on Sept. 28.

Nizato works as a veterinarian’s aide, according to authorities.

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  • Candy Heredia

    I hope they starve her to death.

  • Brandyann

    I believe in an eye for an eye. This woman should be starved to half of her body weight and forced to eat dirt to survive.

    Sick………. just sickening.

  • ordinaire

    What ? No illegal to blame ? What kind of story is this ?

    • Alan Hart

      Obviously, she is an illegal.

    • Dosney

      Ok, HELLO, this is an Illegal, she lives next to my friend!!! She is a SICKO — I hope she gets what she deserves !!!! She should NEVER be able to have an animal again NOR work with them !!! What kind of person in their right mind would Hurt any animal…. Only a SICKO would do this !!!!

  • Cheryl Cornell

    I only wish we paid back criminals with the identical treatment.
    We could put her in jail and not feed her for a month?

  • CC

    Doesn’t change the fact that she’s so butt ugly, she should be considered illegal.

  • StarLuna

    Why do some people have to be so cruel?

  • animallover

    starve her to half her weight and call it even.

  • debra roberts

    Hi Everyone,
    Well you have the information right up above. It’s now time for everyone to look
    up the information and get involved. Maybe somewhere in cyber land there is a petition to sign or one to start.
    This piece of dirt needs to be punished.
    I know I will do my part and I hope all of you reading this article will too..We should at the least try to let the judge know how we feel.
    An animal lover

  • Alan Hart

    This is thee type of person who should be sent to jail for a year or two to think about what it is to be a human. Then, she should be banned from ever owning any animal again.

    • Alicia

      Yes, you are right!

  • Perez

    You guys are idiots for saying its an illegal…

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  • Alicia

    I love animals, people like this one is able to do the same to another person. I cannot understand what kind of satisfaction or reason cause that behavior…

  • Jeff Boxhorn

    I can’t comprehend that this fiend is a VETERINARY ASSISTANT? How does this happen? I hope she has nightmares for the rest of her life. Jail would be too good for her.

  • kimberly

    can u give an update on this poor puppy. noone has the riight to do this. why would anybody do this to an animal? its bad enough we do it to each other.

    • vudu

      The dog is doing great, doubled in weight since its rescue whih would put it in the 70 pound range…, healthy weight.

  • John

    She should be sent to a deserted island have to fend for herself for 3 yrs.

  • rob

    wow with murderers walking free our government is now going after negligent pet owners> Time to replace the DA

  • LucyGoosey

    Thank God it was an animal and not a child or it would been “unfounded” because kids play in dirt and have fast metabolisms.

  • patrick

    I never get these stories? what is the purpose, and what does it do for a person to do this to a child, animal whatever. What type of upbringing did this person have? and you know the woman that did this is most likely 300 pounds, not starving at all.

  • Sandi

    Just like we post child molesters, we should post people convicted of animal cruelty.

  • inuyasha731

    Is she charged with a misdemeanor or a felony?

  • rising sun

    Don’t worry… it shall haunt her forever and become her private hell. No one will know… just her… alone.

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