LAPD Celebrates 100 Years Of Women In Law Enforcement

LOS ANGELES (CBS 2) — The LAPD celebrated the 100th anniversary of the hiring of its first female officer Saturday night with a glitzy dinner honoring all the females in the department, past and present. The event was held at the Sheraton Universal Hotel.

The story of women in the LAPD was played out on stage with current officers portraying the original trail blazers. The women were dressed in vintage uniforms from the era represented.

Back then they wore policeman’s badges, but were known as “Police women,” and had to sew their own uniforms. They wore flourished hats, ruffles and sometimes even carried parasols. It’s a marked contrast to today, where they are called just “police officers.” The department has many women in high ranking positions, plus a female officer in its elite SWAT unit.

While the department was celebrating its own history, LAPD Chief Charlie Beck was making his own personal history. Chief Beck beamed as he spread the news that he had become a grandfather for the first time earlier that day. The event was emceed by CBS 2’s Laura Diaz.

  • tax payer

    LAPD has too much money to burn, They need to make a pay cut

    • vudu

      Ummmm you’re a dumbass.

    • john

      tax payer:

      One thing is for sure you are an “uniformed tax payer” the event is not held with city money..

  • Whitey Whiteman

    If LAPD female officers are public servants, then why during their patrol dont they wear miniskirts stockings garters and high heels? Is that too much for a law biding citizen to ask? Well is it?

    • Whitey Whiteman

      No Whitey it not too much to ask.But keep in mind most LAPD female officers look like Rodney Dangerfield. You wanna see him in a miniskirt and heels?

      • vudu

        Rodney has been dead for awhile…. so Im gonna hope your answer to our own question is…… no.

  • Extra, Extra - LAist

    […] LAPD held a celebration last night to honor a century of women in law […]

  • Gus

    Women cops…They make good meter maids, clerks and DARE officers. When it comes to actual police work, leave that to the men.

  • Alice K. Wells

    Gus and Whitey, both with teeny weenies, get a life! I’m one pretty woman cop who could kick both of your bottoms and not break a sweat and still have enough energy left over to catch a thief and save your sorry lame inconsequential lives from harm from a bad guy. Grow the HECK up.

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