LOS ANGELES (AP) — Food trucks in Los Angeles County could become subject to a cleanliness grading system already being used in restaurants.

County health inspectors currently assign restaurants with a letter grade based on their cleanliness and eateries must prominently display the score.

The Los Angeles Times reported Monday that health officials are asking the county Board of Supervisors to extend the grades tomobile food trucks, which have soared in popularity in recent years.

If passed, the ordinance would cover 6,000 full-service catering trucks and another 3,500 smaller carts.

The ordinance would require vendors to tell county officials their whereabouts so inspectors could find them for unannounced checks.

Officials are due to vote on the ordinance Sept. 21.

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Comments (5)
  1. roger says:

    Food trucks are clean.
    You want to see nasty just go behind the scenes of any Asian or Mexican restraurant.

  2. Code3EMT says:

    Since they want to serve food as a business, they should be subject to the same regulations that businesses in buildings are required to comply with. There would also seem to be some challenges faced by the trucks in keeping the prep and storage of food safe due to the limited space, power available, etc.

  3. Buck says:

    Kinda funny all these new food trucks with new trendy foods etc I’ll eat outta anyday. These owners mostly have ally of pride aside from a few bad apples. However I’ve had verying degrees of food poisoning from your typical Mexican shack on wheels that serves up construction sites several times a year. So saying because of newer trucks makes no sense. Shoulda done this a decade ago with the old ones. I met a lady operator of a roach coach at lowes one am and she said she gets a ticket a month on average for insafe conditions I know the city needs ticket money but If that often maybe impound truck and shut her down.

  4. vudu says:

    I’ve been happy wih he food trucks i’ve purchased from. I actually thought these thing were already regulated the same way the resturaunts were, but guess not. This will be a good thing though, as long as people keep their trucks sanitary. The only issue that will be a pain for the owners is reporting their whereabouts for the purpose of random health inspections. Alot of these trucks are on the move all day, their business isn’t set up to stay in 1 place very long.

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