The Los Angeles Lakers pregame show, “LTV” will tipoff its schedule on October 13th when the Lakers take on the Sacramento Kings at 6:30.

The first regular season “LTV” will come your way on 10/29 at 7:00, when the Lakers battle the Phoenix Suns.

The Lakers first televised game on KCAL this season will be on October 4th, in London against Minnesota.


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  1. Alan Tran says:

    Coach Jackson got 1102 wins on 11-02. Congratulation.

  2. ME says:

    Why isn’t the AWAY game on channel 9 tonight? NBA/Stern/Disney trying to strong arm people into paying for what used to be free..?

    1. bgold13 says:

      NBA has exclusive rights, KCAL would obviously love to televise the game.

  3. Marlon Williams says:

    WHen will KCAL returne to the rebroadcast of lakers away games.

  4. steve irvin says:

    is it really that time of the season again?? when the best games are blacked out from regular TV?? if Kcal would love to televise the game, then MAKE IT HAPPEN ! !
    Work with the league!

    you guys ought to be ashamed of yourselves for not broadcasting the Lakers Celtics tonight!

  5. Dave Cleveland says:

    The Lakers new contract with Time Warner ,Is this the end of Lakers basketball over the air television? No more road games on free T.V. ever. I hope Buss enjoys the money cause he just hurt every Lakers fan in the area.

  6. Mel Burstein says:

    I think James Worthy should be the next coach of the Lakers.

  7. Jerry R Silva says:

    Hello there,My name is Jerry R Silva,I’ve been an true Lakers Fan for over 30yrs,already.I must say the Lakers are still my Number One Team,no team comes close.I will always Bleed Purple,&Gold,until I die,or what ever comes first.Let’s Go Lakers,its time too,get back gear,too win the title,once again.Hopely with an better lineup.Because Last year we lost our steam,and the ugly Mav’s,tooked from us.But this year will an better year,for all of us Huges Lakers Fan’s.Let’s Hear it For the Lakers?I will always be an loyal Lakers fan. Could you send text messages too my cell,its(562)842-7233,here is where you can send me text messages,please Thank you all so,very much for being the very best Team anywhere.Your Loyal Fan Jerry R Silva,of Fontana,Ca.

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