Body Found In Chinatown Recycling Plant

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LOS ANGELES (CBS 2) — A decomposing body was found at a recycling plant in Chinatown Friday, authorities said.

Workers at L.A. Recycling were searching through piles of trash when they discovered the remains at the corner of College Street and Main, LAPD officials said.

“Bodies can be dumped in the trash, unceremoniously, sometimes for a variety of reasons: overdoses, an elderly person for a family that didn’t want to pay for a funeral…” LAPD Lt. Paul Vernon said.

He says investigators are looking at truck schedules to try to identify the truck that brought in the body.
 The body is so decomposed that investigators weren’t able to determine  the person’s gender, age or race, or whether they were the victim of a homicide. 

Detectives are waiting on an autopsy to identify the person and move forward with their investigation.

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