VICTORVILLE (AP) — A Southern California gang member accused of having sex without telling women he has AIDS is facing up to three years in prison.

San Bernardino County prosecutor Cecilia Joo says 41-year-old Dennis Arthur Rios pleaded guilty to one count of intent to expose another person to AIDS through sexual activity. The Apple Valley man was initially charged with two counts when he was arrested and arraigned a year ago.

He will be sentenced Oct. 22.

Sheriff’s investigators told the Victorville Daily Press that the number of women who had sex with Rios isn’t clear, saying they may be embarrassed or intimidated because Rios is a gang member.

Investigators say Rios apparently gave others homemade tattoos using needles he had previously used on himself.

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Comments (3)
  1. vudu says:

    Ummm how does knowingly giving others an uncureable and eventually fatal disease only warrant a 3 year sentence? Hopefully he’ll be dead before his jail time is up.

  2. True Lies says:

    “But he has a disease – don’t you know it would be cruel for him spend a day more.” This is the libtard reply to you- more DUMB DUMB crapola from the touchy feely section of the dumbocrap party of lovers of the ACLU etc

  3. Buck says:

    Public lashings during the jail sentence would help And make them once weekly

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