knx heroes graf2 KNX Heroes   2007Jesus Torres of Acton

December 6th, 2007

A keeper at an Acton wild animal preserve saves a co-worker from the jaws of a 450-pound Bengal tiger.

Elsie Holdridge of Mission Viejo

November 29th, 2007

When Lori and Chris Coble’s children died in a freeway crash last May, a Mission Viejo woman tried to ease their suffering with a special gift.

Scott Avala of Lake Arrowhead

November 22nd, 2007

A Lake Arrowhead businessman opens up his resort to help firefighters and police during last month’s firestorm.

Jim Tindell of Saugus

November 16th,2007

A Saugus man saves a group of therapy horses from last month’s Buckweed fire, but loses his own home and almost loses his life.

Marvin Neville-Green of Valley Lake

November 8th, 2007

A retired fire chief stays behind during the Slide Fire and saves homes.

Madison Perry of Poway

November 1st, 2007

A 14 year old Poway boy takes a major role in protecting his neighborhood from the Southern California brush fires.

Mathilda Karel Spak of Long Beach

October 11th, 2007

She’s a 105 year old woman who does not let her age get in the way of her volunteer work

Pat Sawyer of Norco

October 4th, 2007

A Norco man wakes from a sound sleep and rushes outside to help put out a fire at a neighbor’s barn.

Roger Hasper of Newhall

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September 27, 2007

A shop owner, fixes up old bikes and gives them away to people who really need one, but can’t afford to buy one.

Zoe Feldman of Irvine

September 6, 2007

A 12-year-old girl learns her lessons well from her lifeguard sister and saves a child from drowning.

Debbie Baker of Lake Forrest

August 31, 2007

How do you catch a man and get him tested for prostate cancer? … Use classic cars, of course!

Chris Gomez of Los Angeles

August 23, 2007

A Los Angeles police sargeant switches professions for just a minute to save a man from a burning car.

Maria Lemos of Norwalk

August 16, 2007

A favorite movie helps a Norwalk woman save the life of a favorite friend and co-worker.

Sam Reed

August 9, 2007

A Tujunga teen-ager rushes to put out a fire at a neighbor’s home…and finds his dream career.

Kelli Sargent of Calabasas

After her mother is diagnosed with ovarian cancer, a Calabasas woman uses her master’s thesis to create a fundraiser to fight the disease.

Judith Ferguson w/ Bootsie

July 19,2007

In these days of identity theft, a Glendale woman goes the extra mile to return a lost wallet.

Dee Andrews-Long Beach

July12, 2007

The old football and track instincts kick-in as a Long Beach city councilman chases down a flasher.

Jeremy Oats-Long Beach

July 05, 2007

A Long Beach teen-ager and his friends rush into a burning apartment to save a mother and her three children.

Tim Sanders-Pasadena

June 28, 2007

A Pasadena teen-ager puts his swimming skills to the test when he rescues a 6-year old boy from the bottom of a local pool.

Lorin Lindner- Los Angeles

June 21, 2007

A Los Angeles psychologist comes up with an idea to match traumatized war vets with abused parrots…and it’s a match that works for both species!

Kenneth Williams-Bellflower

June 14, 2007

An animal control officer rescues a puppy from a hot car in Bellflower and makes a new friend at the same time.

Joe Vanderhoof- Long Beach

June 7, 2007

A Long Beach man risks his own life to save his neighbors from a high-rise apartment fire.

Kevin Regan-Los Angeles

May 31, 2007

So much for “professional” gator wranglers. A Los Angeles city bureaucrat figures out a way to trap Reggie, the elusive alligator of Lake Machado.

Fred Scarf- Van Nuys

May 24, 2007

A Birmingham high school student turns his grief into action and organizes a prom for teens with cancer.

Tracey Nichols-Thousand Oaks

May 17, 2007

A USC grad pays her own way to South Africa and finds her life’s calling….working with orphans who have AIDS.

Gary Pal

May 3, 2006

A house painter puts out a brush fire, saves a dog…and becomes a hero to residents of Franklin Canyon in Beverly Hills.

Burt Fous of Palmdale

April 26, 2007

A college student buys his first car…only to watch as it gets “totaled” while he’s trying to help another motorist in trouble.

Shari Hagewood of La Mirada

April 19, 2007

What would you do? A La Mirada woman rushes to help a young man who’s seriously injured at the grocery store.

Maria Sears of Valencia

April 12, 2007

A Valencia woman and her army of crocheters and knitters are giving new meaning to the phrase ”happiness is a warm blanket.”

Michael Morales of Riverside

April 06, 2007

With a Push of a microphone button, a Riverside ham radio operator becomes a lifesaver for a Newport Beach man stranded in his crippled sailboat.

Shauna Fleming of Orange

March 29, 2007

With the simple stroke of a pen, an Orange County teen-ager launches a worldwide thank you letter campaign for U.S. troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Paul Gignac of Glendora

March 22, 2007

His “eagle eye” saved a Metrolink train passenger from disaster. Here’s Diane Thompson with the KNX Hero of the Week.

Vince Carbino of Los Angeles

March 15, 2007

He takes on gang-bangers and pushes kids to be their best.

Tressa Saviers of Fillmore

March 8, 2007

It was her idea first. A Fillmore mom shaves her head for chaity.

Kevin Armstrong of Northridge

March 1, 2007

A vicious dog attack in broad daylight…and only one man comes to the rescue.

Roy Seymore of Rowland Heights

February 22, 2007

A service tech is late for work…but saves a life.

Gary Lett of Los Angeles

Febuary 15, 2007

A park worker comes to the rescue of a paralyzed man dumped on skid row.

Tom Miller of La Canada

February 8, 2007

A match maker with a big heart…who loved Bruce Springsteen and giving away money.


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