The JetBlue flight attendant who allegedly was struck by a passenger/passenger’s bag/overhead bin, and responded by unleashing a volley of expletives over his flight’s loudspeaker, grabbing two beers from the galley, and sliding down the emergency slide as his way of quitting, has become a national, nay international, figure in 24 hours. Why is that?

Was Steven Slater justified? Who’s at fault here? Slater is either a Saint or Satan, depending on whose take you accept. But either way, you do have to admire his flair for resigning his job.

Haven’t we all seen jerks, I mean passengers, I mean jerks, behaving rudely toward flight attendants? On the other hand, have you had flight attendants treat you like a child? What was your experience like? Drop a quick sentence or two about your experiences, in Comments, below.

What have you seen, and whose side are you on? — Please proceed to Comments, now; starting with those who might need assistance boarding, first-class passengers, and those traveling with small children. Also, if you’ve ever left a job in a …um, creative… manner, share that as well.


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